How to Be a Great Dad Every Morning

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These days, life really does come at you fast! Each morning we wake up and fight that battle with ourselves to either get up or lay there for another few minutes. Most of us compromise and just lay there another minute and then we get up and it’s off to the races. There is so much that must be done before we go off to work that work is actually like taking a little breather! This article is about what I try to do every morning to be a Great Dad for my little girl.

Phase One, the wake up. I hurry up and get myself ready so I will have more time to spend with her. I turn on her TV, the Noggin channel is her favorite, so she will start to wake up. I gently wake her up by getting her to stick each foot out from beneath the covers and I put her socks on. By that time she wakes up and finishes dressing herself with a little help and she is in a good mood.

Phase Two, the bathroom. Now that she is dressed I help her in the bathroom with tooth brushing and everything. I talk to her about the fun things she might do today while she gets ready. Now she is dressed, cleaned up and ready to go downstairs, and still in a good mood.

Phase Three, the kitchen. I put her in her chair and give her a few choices for breakfast. I let her make the final decision on which of the food choices and type of juice she wants. While she eats breakfast I will talk to her about things like her friends at Daycare, her Teachers, the weather, any animals we may see out of the window, the characters on the cereal box, etc… What is important here is that we are actively engaged in a conversation and we both feel like we have spent some quality time together.

Phase Four, the departure. Okay, it’s time to go to work and school. On the way to the Daycare we continue to talk about anything and everything. Once we arrive at school, I help her hang up her coat and hat, wash her hands and check in with her Teacher. Now I tell her goodbye and I will be back this afternoon to pick her up. I give her a big hug and tell her to be a good girl and to use her listening ears today. Now I can go to work and dont have to worry about my little girl.

Remember, being a Great Dad every morning is pretty easy if you stick to the basics. Put your child’s needs first. Talk, talk and talk some more with your child. Listen, listen and listen some more with your child. Get up in time so your child does not feel rushed, if they get off on the right foot in the morning then odds are they will have a pretty good day and so will you! Try to be an active participant in every aspect of your child’s morning.


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