This is England- movie review

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This is England, is a movie that centres around a young boy, who recently lost his father, and who goes astray by falling into the wrong crowd. The story focuses on the time in England during the Falkan war and the economic situation that led to racism, the story does a good job of showing the life and culture of skin-heads and blue collar peoples. I showed the movie to my university students overseas and they found it both disturbing and educational. The movie, due to lots of swearing is not suitable for anyone under 15 plus, in my opinion, and there is also one rather graphical scene at the end when somebody is beaten up, but the profanity, and the violence at the end all go towards telling the story and don’t seem to be uneccessary added extras.

The basic story starts with the main character, a 12 year old boy called Shuan, being bullied at school, not long afterwards he is befriended by a group of skin-heads, the non-racist type, and starts to have some pretty harmless fun. Not too long later however, one of the groups ex-members, Combo, is realeased from jail and returns to the group. He has quite radical racist, nationalist ideas and the group of skin-heads is split, with Shuan falling into Combo’s lot. This is when we get a look at the uglines of racism and see Shuan taking the wrong path, however when one of his good friends is beaten up by Combo, Shuan soon sees the error of his ways and leaves the group.

The characters and the events that take part throughout the story are all well protrayed and acted, the story also does a good job of seting the scene, and explaining life of peoples during Thatcher’s rule in England.


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