How to house train your new pet

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New pet? Wondering how and when to get the “potty” training started? Everyone always has advice to give in telling how they broke their new furry friend in on the ritual’ s of going to the bathroom, but not all of the common advice given is recommended. Here are some sure fire ways to train your cat or dog in with ease!

“Potty” training pets can be some of the most stressful times you and your pet will encounter.
Remember that both dogs and cats are highly sensitive to their surroundings and can feel stress, depression, fear and anxiety as much as humans do- so keep in mind accidents happen!

In training Dogs, there are two methods most widely used, the paper method is the most common, if not the easiest.

Potty training using the paper method:
Confine your pet to a room that can be closed off and paper can be laid.
Cover your floor with news papers.
Take your pet outside regularly ( every 2 hours during daytime, and every 4 for late evening) the purpose is to try and catch your pet before they need to go to the bathroom.
Praise your pet when they do go outside.
Try using a key word to pet such as ” go pee. Go to the bathroom” etc.
Once the going gets good, give your pet a little more room to move around the house.

For cats:
Make sure they know where the litter box is at.
After feeding you cat, put her in the room (preferably a bathroom) and close the door.
Make sure that the litter box is of suitable height.
If your home is big, it may be a good idea to provide 2 litter boxes.
It is recommended you clean the litter box each day, and change the litter 3-4 times a week.

Never, ever rub your pets face in their feces.


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