Preserving flowers for keepsakes

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That first bouquet of flowers….that corsage you wore to prom….flowers from your wedding da, or the bride’s bouquet you caught….all such priceless memento’s and worth holding onto. Preserving flowers is a very simple way of holding onto that moment forever!

To begin, lay the fresh flower or flowers between 2 sheets of waxed or absorbent paper.
PresGently press the peddles down and into place with your fingertips. (Take special care with roses, since they are the most delicate)

Lay the flowers in paper, beneath or between two heavy books, and put them in a cool, dry location. Leave alone to set for a minimum of thirty days.

Next, decide what you are going to do with your preserved flowers!

To keep them in waxed paper- Lay towel around the edges of waxed paper and press a warm iron to covered areas surrounding the flower without pressing the flower itself, but seal out air.

If you are using it in a scrapbook page or photo album, use extra care when gluing the dried flowers on the page.

Dried flowers added to any page is both beautiful and personable!

You can make a small collage with your collectibles, or frame each individually ( out of wax paper of course) and set out as decor!


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