In Love, In This Place

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Here, I feel comfortable and safe,
I am feeling calm in this place.
I have purpose and am aware
Of this sense of being so secure.

No anxiety or stress,
No need to boast or impress.
Comfortable with me
And who I am.
Love, caring and tenderness,
Felt within this venue of happiness.

So much joy and elation,
Joining in the conversation.
Never before have I felt such friendship
Relaxed and at ease in a relationship.
Feeling contented, feeling fine
A place that gives a sense it’s mine.

I love the position I’m in,
Happy and healthy in my skin.
How did this happiness start?
How did this place enter my heart?
I’m in love, I’m at one in this space.
A sense of grace, a sense of place.

Comfortable, with purpose and aware
Of feeling calm and secure.


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