The World’s Most Expensive Valentines Gifts for the Lady in Your Life

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If you want to treat your loved one on Valentines Day and money is no object then what about buying one of these decadent treats which often appear in lists of “the world’s most expensive”?

  1. Plank’s Cor Soap; For a mere $125 you can invest in one bar of this luxury soap which contains silver, four different types of collagen, chitosan and sericin.
  2. Crème De La Mer The Essence; Is your loved one obsessed with looking young? Then an essential splash out is this moisturiser which has extracts of seaweed and daffodil bulbs and comes in at just over $3000.
  3. Revive Intensite Volumising Serum; For the woman or man who flirts with the idea of a facelift but just doesn’t have the nerve then purchase 30ml of youth in the form of this serum which was formulated by plastic surgeon Dr Gregory Bays Brown and costs around $750. The essential added extra is Kanebo Sensai Premier Eye Cream at $350 for a 0.5 oz jar.
  4. H.Couture lipstick and mascara; Most women dream of the perfect lipstick mascara and I can’t promise them in the form of H Couture but they are certainly the most expensive. They form part of part of “The Socialite” range and for the pair it could set you back a mere $14 million. For this pocket change you will get a specially formulated $589 mascara and $150 lipstick both encased in 18k gold with 2,500 blue diamonds and 1,300 pink diamonds. When the mascara or lipstick run out you just phone up H.Couture’s 24-hour hotline to request one of your refills, which you are entitled to for lifetime (or just a year if you opted for a normal casing – cheapskate!). You can also get the H. Couture Lip Plumper Plumper for $348, which comes with one free refill and lip liner for $120, which also comes with one full product refill. What a bargain!
  5. Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamonds; If you are a bit of a scrooge or your wife/ girlfriend has not done enough housework to deserve $14 million worth of lipstick then show her your scorn by just getting the cheap and cheerful KissKiss Gold and Diamonds which  is a snip at $62,000 for a lipstick in a black lacquered case with  18 carat gold and just 199 diamonds.
  6. Clive Christian No 1; Perfume is always a winner as a Valentines gift but you may ask yourself “How good could someone possibly smell?” when presented with the bill for this perfume which costs between $2,350 and $250,000, for one ounce of scent, depending on your choice of bottle.
  7. Geri Halliwell Union Jack dress; Does your wife or girlfriend love cheeky fashion and all things British? If so then spoil her by trying to buy the famous Union Jack dress worn by Geri Haliwell in her Spice Girls days. It was last sold at Sotheby’s, England, in 1998 for $66,112.
  8. Scott Henshall, Spiderman II dress; If your loved one is a movie fan then treat her to the dress worn by Samantha Mumba to the Spiderman II premier which consisted of 3,000 diamonds in the pattern of a series of webs and cost $5 million.
  9. Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers; A bit of an Imelda Marcos? Then by her a pair of these Cinderella slippers with 565 platinum set diamonds. Just make sure you do the chivalrous thing and carry her over any muddy puddles! After all they did cost $2 million.
  10. Donald Trump Engagement Ring; Planning to pop the question? Then buy a replica of the 112k emerald and platinum engagement ring bought by Donald Trump.
  11. Harvey Nichols Dazzle Ring; Want to pop the question and have a shopping trip? Pop to Harvey Nichols, Manchester, England. Here you can get a Dazzle cocktail using a ½k pink tourmaline and diamond ring set in 18k white gold instead of an olive. Any customer that wishes to order one of these cocktails can choose from an array of rings with the most expensive one being around $50,187.60 for a 2k diamond engagement ring.

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