Easy steps to ReFormat you Computer

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1>  Open Your PC then insert the Windows CD in the cd-rom. ( dvd-rom if you using dvd-rom) You can do this even if you computer had just started. You don’t have to wait to be on the standby mode before foing this. You can do this the moment your PC runs.

2> After inserting the CD in the cd-rom, Restart your PC by pressing the restart buttong which normally seen near the power button of your Computer Case. Remember that in this process you will restart your PC more than one. Quite irritating, isn’t it?

3>After pressing the reset button, click delete button continuesly to put you in the BIOS setup. Do not wait for the computer to display windows before doing this, it has no effect. You’de better be quick pressing delete button when you restart your PC.

4>In BIOS set-up which has color blue or gray or blue and gray background, look for boot sequence setup. Have the cd-rom/dvd-rom as the primary booting device and label the hard disk as the second booting device. Click f10 (normally to save) or you can just click escape but remember to save it to take effect.

5>The computer will automatically restart after quitting the BIOS setup. After restarting your PC click spacebar countinuesly. This will lead to boot in cd. Follow the simple instruction in the reformatting process.


Format The Harddrive normally not in quick format mode.

Do not create partition, it will just slow your PC.

After doing these simple steps……..CONGRATULATIONS you are now a certified reformatter of Desktop Computers.


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