Top 15 Triond Community Suggestions as of January 2009

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The following suggestions are quotations from the members who have contacted me. For security purposes, the names of these people will remain confidential.

Suggestion #15 – Hire a Painter…and some Peacekeepers!

“I think the site could use a bit more color. Plus a few mediators would be handy for new people or anyone experiencing problems.”

Suggestion #14 – I Want Recognition, People!

“Triond should put a post count next to your username on the message board to know who is helping the forum.”

Suggestion #13 – Approve My Article Already!

“Faster approval of articles would be great.”

Suggestion #12 – Lower the Writing Guidelines!

“That they not give you so many issues when trying to publish a piece.”

Suggestion #11 – Messaging the Messenger!

“I think they should have a messenger that we can download, not the site side one they currently have. Many people would benefit from something like that to mull over ideas and brainstorm.”

Suggestion #10 – Advertise My Comment!

“There should be an advertisement next to each comment on your article so us writers can make more money.”

Suggestion #9 – Calling Sherlock Holmes!

“Sometimes the placement of our articles seems to be a little misguided. Like if you want an article to be put in the Offbeat section, it ends up on Authspot.”

Suggestion #8 – Promote My Comment!

“One thing that comes immediately to mind though is something that I saw on some other writing site. In the Comments section, where it lists the name of the Commenter, it would be neat if there was a link at that point that goes to the Commenter’s most recent article (and the name of the article would be visible). Just a suggestion … it would make it a little easier to bounce around.”

Suggestion #7 – Hot Enough For You?

“That they modify their Hot Content list to house more of a variety of people, because many times, it just seems like the same people.”

Suggestion #6 – Tag! You’re Not It!

“Well, the tag suggester doesn’t work very well. I suppose Triond could really consider fixing that up.”

Suggestion #5 – I’d like another serving of Customization!

“I would like a delete all button on my message box, it takes hours to clear my inbox.”

“I would like a privacy button, so I only get messages from my friends and stop all the cold calling that clogs up my box, that takes me hours to clear!”

“The ability to delete from your outbox like you are able to do from your inbox would be nice.”

Suggestion #4 – Picable’s Pickings!

“Well I can definitely say that you need to be able to post your credentials on picable. Also picable in general needs a massive upgrade to get up to scratch with flickr and all of them.”

Suggestion #3 – Google Ad-Nonsense!

“Many times, it seems to be all about the advertising. Like I absolutely hate it when I’m trying to browse someone’s article, and when you’re moving down the page with the mouse, it hits one of those stupid ads that blacks out the entire page. You can’t even leave a message after that, so you have to start all over again. I hate that.”

Suggestion #2 – Rollercoaster Tycoon!

“Sometimes, it seems as if the amount you earn dramatically decreases near the end of the month, which seems really bizarre. And then in the beginning of a new month, there’s a boost of earnings. They need to somehow modify people’s earnings because many have complained about how they can receive so little for an article that has gotten thousands of viewings.”

Suggestion #1 – Captcha’ That Comment!

“On all of Triond subsites not just writinghood you should not have to write the captcha if you use your Triond credentials.”

“Take the Triond Credentials checkbox off of the comment boxes. For some reason the credential boxes cause problems for many people when trying to leave a comment. I myself still cannot leave message if that checkbox is part of the comment box.”

Closing Remarks

And there you have it – the 15 most popular improvement suggestions by the Triond community! Do you have a suggestion that wasn’t on this list? Feel free to post a comment and let everyone know your idea! Do you want to have your voice heard and be a part of any future surveys I conduct on behalf of the Triond community? Then add me as a friend on Triond and I will contact you the next time I perform a poll!


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