How to Start a Passive Income

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How to Start a Passive Income


So I think EVERYONE wants to make money by not having to do anything RIGHT?? Here is a couple of ideas NOT to get you RICH but just some EXTRA SPENDING MONEY!!


Things You’ll Need:

  • You
  • Computer
  • My article of ideas
  • Time

Step 1 WRITING ARTICLES: You can write articles for web sites like EHOW!! Hubpages, Bukisa and Associated Content and earn money every time someone VISITS them and clicks on the ADVERTISING LINKS!!

Step 2 Stocks: BUY stocks, SELL stocks, or TRADE stocks!! ((But first make sure you EDUCATE yourself on how to MANAGE this before you get deep into it or you can INVEST in something that will FALL and make you LOSE money in the end!))

Step 3 Real Estate: BUY a house for one price and RENT it out for a REOCCURING price!! WOW that sounds like a winner!! Someone stays in your house and gives you money every month to stay there woohoo!!

Step 4 Affiliate Marketing: Sell something that is not yours and get a percentage of the sale!! That not only improves your social skills but improves your bank account too!!

Step 5 Google Adsense: Have any spare webpages laying around!! ADD a google ADSENSE ad to the bottom and you will make money when people click on it!!

Step 6 SAVINGS ACCOUNT: All the MONEY you make from these tips… DEPOSIT it into an intrest occuring account and make even more money if you LEAVE it there.

Tips & Warnings

  • GIVE it some TIME… you will NOT GET RICH QUICK!!

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