How to Act When Stopped In Your Car by the Police

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It happens to everyone sooner or later, you are driving along, minding your own business when you look in the rear view mirror and see those blue lights close behind you. Adrenaline begins to rush as your heart beats faster. You move over to the right hoping that police car will blow on by you on its way to catch a real criminal. You are devastated when you realize those blue lights are for YOU! Hopefully you will read this article so you will be prepared when your time comes to interact with law enforcement.

Okay, the first things you need to do is slow down, turn on your emergency flashers and find a safe place to pull off the road. You won’t win any points with the officer if you stop in a place that threatens their safety by leaving them exposed to passing traffic.

Now that you have pulled off the road to a safe place, place your car in park and lower your window down about half way. Place your hands on the steering wheel and leave them there so when the officer approaches your car they can plainly see your hands.

Once approached by the officer you will be asked for your license and registration. Tell the officer where those items are and then slowly but deliberately retrieve those items. Now would also be the time to tell the officer if you have any thing in the car they need to know about such as a firearm. For example, simply say “Officer, I have a registered handgun that is loaded in my glove compartment”.

While interacting with the officer, keep your emotions in check and just be civil and truthful. Getting angry, trying to intimidate or begging for a break probably wont change the outcome so it’s better to retain your dignity and just get this moment of your life over with and move on. Take your medicine, no matter how unfair you may feel the ticket is. You are not going to change the officer’s mind on the side of the road. If you feel the ticket is unjust, you will have your day in court where a Judge will decide. The goal here is to get this experience over with as quickly as possible without any injuries or escalations.


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