How to Trash Writers Block

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Ahhh… I sit down to write start brainstorming and right before i get an idea i go blank? Brain fart?? OHH NO Its WRITERS BLOCK!! Here are some cures for the tragedy…


Difficulty: Easy Things You’ll Need:

  • Yourself

Step 1 BREATHE… WooSaa. I know it may be FRUSTRATING but really just calm down and rethink what you want to write. ((It will come TO your HEAD and OUT your FINGERTIPS))

Step 2 Take a break… Not always good because you can get side tracked and not get anything done. Stay FOCUSED but relieve the stress of not being able to WRITE.

Step 3 Sleep… I LOVE IT!!! Naps are great… Forget about and leave. SLEEP!!

Step 4 Watch TV… Take your mind off of it for a WHILE but not for LONG… Come back and you will be REFRESHED

Step 5 Talk to Yourself While Writing… SILLY I know but it works I PROMISE. I have to Write my ARTICLES downstairs because I am always talking to myself and people upstairs think I am CRAZY when i writing in front of them!!

Step 6 Talk to Someone… Ask for there opinion on a particular idea… It might help out a little bit.

Tips & Warnings

  • RELAX it will go away sooner than later…
  • Dont stay away for too long your articles are awesome!!

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