How to Host a Fireproof Movie Event

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Have you heard about the Fireproof movie? This is an action packed, inspirational film that is a must see! Religious organizations all across the country are hosting Fireproof Movie Events as a great learning tool for couples and as a way to better connect with their communities. This movie has a lot of buzz and is being talked about on the 700 Club and is available in Christian bookstores everywhere beginning January 27th.

Go to and read all about the movie and see if your organization might be interested in seeing the movie. If you decide to purchase the movie you can buy it your local bookstore or go to to buy it online.

Once you have possession of the movie you want to start getting ready for the event showing. You can use the internet to send out free invitations by going to sites like, or or you can just send emails to all of those you would like to invite. Of course if you want to invite the general public you will need to create some fliers and post them up around town. Inviting the general public can be a real challenge since you wont have any idea how many people may show up so you wont know how many to prepare for.

Now that you have got the movie and advertised your event you need to make sure you have ample parking for your guests. If you are going to show the movie at your house then make sure you let your neighbors know well ahead of time. By the way, don’t forget to invite them as well!

Get the venue ready by ensuring you have enough seats for everyone. No one wants to stand up for 2 hours! You can always ask friends and family to bring some chairs over. It’s a good idea to put a little piece of tape on the bottom of each chair with the owners name on it so there are no mix up’s when it’s time to return them.

Snacks are a must for every movie. So make sure you have plenty of popcorn, chex mix and drinks to go around. Once again, you can ask for some help on this one from your friends.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to have a good supply of toilet paper on hand. It would be very embarrassing to run out in the middle of an event like this! And don’t forget to be kind to Mother Earth. Try to use cups, bowls and plates that are recyclable.

Remember that the better you prepare the more fun everyone will have!


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