Useful tips, tools and links for writing on Bukisa

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If you’re new to writing for Bukisa or a veteran, there’s always a need to improve your writing and content. These links can help you bring out the best in your writing and assist in your Bukisa experience. 

Word Count & Analysis

The minimum word count for Bukisa content is 250 words. Instead of trying to count the words yourself, there are many useful websites that can assist you.  Here are some websites that can calculate how many words are in your article by copy and pasting it into the submit box:

Word Count Tool: – Basic word counting tool. 

Textalyser: – Advanced word, character and text analyzer.

Dictionary & Thesaurus

It’s always good to use correct spelling, proper vocabulary and descriptive terms. A thesaurus, for example, can show you words that are similar to the word you enter in their website. There are many words in the English language, and a more precise term is often needed. 



Word Processors

Some may simply use the Bukisa content submitter to write their articles, but it’s probably better to write them firstly on your computer. You can save the article for yourself, and edit it as your own leisure. You can use the text editors that you’ve already got, like Microsoft Word or WordPad, but there’s also some excellent free editors that can be found online:

A full list of word processors from Wikipedia:

Zoho, online word processor:

General Writing Help

If you’re stuck on ideas or have writer’s block, there’s a multitude of websites about writing tips and discussion boards where you can meet and talk with other writers. Getting ideas for writing can be tough, but with the internet and ease of reaching other people, it’s easy to find help when you need it. – A large and long-standing writer’s community. 

Daily writing tips: – Daily tips to assist in your writing. 

English Grammar Resource: – A resource on English language grammar. 

Guide to grammar and writing: – Need help with your punctuation and grammar? 

Orangoo Free Spell Check: – Make sure your spelling it correct! – Another spell checker. 

These links should help you improve your writing, and make your Bukisa content more readable and enjoyable for your visitors. 


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