The Evil Effects of Money in our Lives

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The evil effects of money on marriage are taking its toll on the once sacred institution of marriage in many Christian countries of the world. For some couples, money is only secondary in keeping marriage work. For others, it is a necessary evil. But we all know that many couples, who for many years have struggled to keep their marriage work, would later find out that love alone is not a guarantee that marriage will work. There will come a time when money will come into the picture especially for couples who are not rich or those who are just earning enough to maintain and provide for a decent family life.

When the head of the family falters in providing the basic needs of the family, the relationship between the husband and the wife usually suffers. The marriage that was once anchored on love and mutual respect is slowly being ruined because of money or the lack of it. The husband who failed to provide for the basic needs of the family is the first person who takes the blame. The poor guy who has been used to earning a living as an entrepreneur or as an employee or even as an executive of a business entity, suddenly found himself unemployed or that his company suffered because of economic and business reverses due to external forces beyond his control, then the situation will undoubtedly bring about a major cause of conflict between the husband and the wife. In most cases the inability of the husband to provide for the basic necessities of the family becomes the focal point of conflict between the husband and the wife. The wife becomes irritable and problematic, then slowly losing the love, affection and respect that she once have for her husband, all because of money.

It is hard to imagine that money becomes a major consideration in the success or failure of marriage. On the other hand, it is equally hard to assume that love and affection for couples caught in such situation could vanish in time because of the need for money as an ingredient for economic survival.

Evil Effects of Money on Family

The family suffers when love is lost between husband and wife. The children, especially when they are young, usually suffer much in terms of the need for economic or financial support from parents. In some cases, the young adults will try to go their own way to satisfy their economic needs while the young will suffer in many ways. As marriage fails because of the evil effects of money in our lives, some couples would continuously try to resist the situation but will always be subjected to the negative effects of the lack of money to provide for the basic necessities of the family.

The Evil Effects of Money in Our Society

As money is a necessary evil, some misguided elements in our society will try every imaginable means to make money at all cost. Some would engage in smuggling, kidnapping, robbery or even killing just to satisfy the greed for money. Government leaders would get involved in graft and corruption to make money. Politicians will try to twist and circumvent the law to make quick money and perpetuate themselves in power.

When money that is earned becomes questionable because of the way it is generated, then it becomes a crime to make money. When one makes so much money, especially if it is generated illegally, then he gets tempted to try and do sinful acts that other people cannot do with out money.

The Right Thing to Do

The right thing to do perhaps is to give more emphasis on the emotional and spiritual components of marriage. Some of us would say that money, or the lack of it, is the primary reason for the breakdown of marriage in our society. Most of us I believe, have realized that money alone cannot make the marriage work. And we all know that if it cannot work in marriage and in the family, it can never work in our society. I believe that the emotional and spiritual component of our Christian life will have to come into play if we consider the evil effect of money in our life in particular and in our society in general.


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