My Ending

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The pendulum lowered itself, creeping up closer to my chest, like a tiger ready to attack. It wanted to swallow me whole. it wanted to take my soul along with my life, so that no part of me would ever live on. Hiss, Swoop, Crank. Hiss, Swoop, Crank. This is the sound of the pendulum as it sways back and forth. The devil himself lowers it to nothing but an inch from my chest. All at once my life flashes before my eyes like a starved cat racing toward some scraps his forgetful owner has left out. Trying to get there before his owner decides he’s still hungry. After that, it dawned on me that I’ve lived a fast, but full life.

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The blade has finally pierced my flesh and it will forever be a part of my life now. I shall never forget it. I feel the blood slowly run down my arm. On its way to go quench the thirst of the rats waiting next to the table on which I lay in my dungeon of hell. The pendulum drains what life I have, out of me as slowly as it wishes. In less than, what seemed like forever, but was actually only a minute, I’m losing the feeling of my blood, now pouring, down to the rodents below. Soon after that I’m losing the sight of the pendulum tearing my life from my death-grip.

And then as I start to drift off I can feel Hades start to pull me into his paradise. soon after he begins summoning me to his lair, I depart this cruel world thinking that what he calls home might not be too bad compared to what I’ve been through in my life.


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