I Left My Heart in San Francisco

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Inspired by an old song, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” by famous song artist Tony Bennett, I visited San Francisco many years ago and I immediately fell in love with the city for countless reasons.

San Francisco is located on the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, with the Pacific Ocean to the west, San Francisco Bay to the east and the Golden Gate to the north. The City is an international port of entry and host to one of the busiest airports in America, the San Francisco International Airport. This makes the city a favorite entry point for tourists coming from all over the world.

Aside from its convenient location especially for travelers coming from the Asia-Pacific region, you will enjoy walking the streets of San Francisco, with its soothing and cool weather that is neither too cold as in winter time in New York nor too hot as in summer time in Texas. The temperature is almost constant at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. San Francisco is rich in history having been influenced by Spanish civilization and culture for many years. This shows in the images of its landscapes and structures that have been preserved for our generation and the next.

Walk around the streets of San Francisco or take the little cable car for a short down and uphill ride to the city. Either way, you will enjoy the sights of the city. Go to Fisherman’s Wharf and feel the chill of the morning fog and the windy sea.

Climate and Weather

The climate for San Francisco is comfortable. There is sunshine 60 out of every 100 possible hours.

San Francisco average annual rainfall is 20.4 inches per year
San Francisco average temperature is 56.8 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 51.1 degrees F.
The average high temperature is 62.6 degrees F.
The average winter temperature is 50 degrees F.
The average spring temperature is 56 degrees F.
The average summer temperature is 59 degrees F.
The average fall temperature is 61 degrees F.

Some of its famous tourist attractions of San Francisco are:

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge was constructed in 1937. It has a total length of 8,981 feet with a longest span of 4,200 feet. It has a height of 746 feet and a width of 90 feet. The bridge was designed principally by Engineer Joseph Strauss, a University of Cincinnati graduate with the able assistance of Architect Irving Morrow and Charles Alton Ellis. Joseph Strauss led the construction team as Chief Engineer and in-charge of the overall design

and construction of the project in collaboration with the famous bridge Engineer Leon Moisseiff who acted as the principal engineer of the project. Although quite famous during his time as a major participant in the Golden Bridge Design Team, Moiseiff failed in one of his major design works, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which collapsed when it was hit by strong windstorm.

During the construction period, Charles Alton Ellis, not being a license engineer, was fired by Strauss because of his constant dependence on Leon Moisseiff on various technical matters. Strauss claimed that he spent too much time and money sending telegrams to Moiseiff to consult him on technical matters. During his time, Ellis became knowledgeable in all aspect of engineering and structural design. He did much of the technical and theoretical work that was contributory to the completion of the bridge. Ellis was a Greek mathematician and scholar who became a professor at the University of Illinois despite his having no engineering degree. After being fired by Strauss, having been obsessed with his work and unable to find work during the depression, continued to work on the project, without pay. He turned in volumes of hand calculations that were very useful to the project.

Strauss downplayed most of the contributions of his construction and design staff, with an eye for self-promotion and posterity. More that 70 years later, the City of San Francisco finally decided to give justice to Charles Alton Ellis, for his efforts and dedication in the design of the bridge, by giving him a major credit for the job as part of the original design team.

Today the Golden Gate Bridge stands as a monument of great achievement of dedicated people who, in one way or another, have contributed immensely to the successful construction of the bridge. Although the bridge is adored as a famous engineering achievement of mankind; it has also its downsides, one of which is the continued and uncontrolled suicides that happen almost every month by those who wish to take their own lives by jumping from the bridge. It is estimated that of the more than 1,200 of those who jump off the bridge, only about 26 survived, the rest dying almost instantly.


Alcatraz Island is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay area. It has an area of 7.6 hectares. The island was once used as a lighthouse, a military prison and as a Federal prison. Before it became a popular tourist destination that it is today, Alcatraz was a symbol of human cruelty in the guise of justice and social reformation. Alcatraz was a Federal Prison for hardened criminals in the middle of the 19th century. Al Capone the famous American gangster was imprisoned in Alcatraz stayed there for about four years until he was moved to another prison facility due mainly to his failing health. He was later found to have contracted syphilis. Another famous Alcatraz prisoner was Robert Stroud who spent 17 years of his life in prison until his transfer to medical facility in Springfield.


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