How to Redesign an Old Clock Using Your Computer

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Wall clocks can be purchased for just a few dollars at any thrift or discount store.  However, they are often out of style, or just do not match your home decor.  You can still take advantage of these wonderful deals if you have a computer.  You can easily redesign an old clock with some basic graphic software and an inkjet printer.

Materials Needed

1.    Any old wall clock with a frame and insert
2.    Printer, heavy paper or cardstock, and ink
3.    Creativity!

How to Redesign the Old Clock

The new, redesigned clock begins with the old clock.  The first step is to take apart the old clock.  The mechanism should be put aside carefully with the clock hands.  Be sure to note if the hour or minute hand goes on the peg first.

Take out the clock insert.  This is usually a piece of cardboard or light wood with the numbers and other designs on it.  Before throwing this in the garbage, use it to trace a template shape onto your new paper or cardstock.

The frame, or outside rim, of the clock can be painted or decorated however you see fit.

The next step in redesigning the old clock is to open your graphics program on your computer.  Using the template that you traced as a guide, design your new clock face.  After the clock face is redesigned, print it out on the cardstock and reassemble the clock.

Some Clock Design Ideas Using Your Computer

The clock face can be designed in different ways in your computer graphics program.  The first step is to arrange the numbers or marks by which you will tell the time.  For this, you may use Arabic or Roman numerals, or any style of dot or line.  Some like to include all the numbers, while others only use 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00.  Some only use the twelve.
Another option is to replace the clock numbers with different designs.  A wreath of flowers around the clock outside would look pretty.  You can also use flowers, birds, cars, or any other graphics to indicate each number.

Since this old clock redesign is so simply to accomplish, you can even make different clock faces for different holidays and occasions.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a special birthday clock face for each member of your family? 

Using your computer to redesign an old clock can help you create a fabulous home decoration.  It is a great way to save money on a clock you purchase at a thrift or discount store.  Using your graphics program, you can make a clock face that matches your decor perfectly.


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