How to Stencil Paint a Country Throw Rug

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Small throw rugs are a great way to add a new look to your home.  Whether you want a welcome mat, a bathroom rug, or just an accent piece for any room in your house, stencil painting a country throw rug is a great craft to do.

Materials Needed for the Stencil Throw Rug

The first thing you need to create a stencil paint country throw rug is the rug itself.  Craft or home stores often sell woven rag rugs in plain colors.  These rugs have no nap or pile and are pretty much flat canvas woven into a rug.  These types are the easiest to paint.

You will also need a country style stencil or stencil set.  These can be purchase in many different varieties, such as flowers, borders, words, or pictures, at any craft store.  Acrylic craft paint in your chosen colors can be used with either a stencil paint brush or a sponge.

Preparing the Throw Rug for Painting

After you purchase the plain rug from the craft or home decor store, you should prewash it to prepare it for painting.  Since the stencil must be painted onto a flat surface, you will want to lay the rug out flat on a table or on the floor.

Stenciling the Throw Rug

The final step in creating your country style throw rug is stencil painting it.  Position the stencil where you want it on the rug and use masking tape to tape it in position.  This will prevent shifts and errors in the painting.  If the painted motif is one color, you only have to use the acrylic paint to paint.  Use a dabbing or stippling motion with the brush or sponge instead of strokes.  Painting with a large quantity of paint and a sponge is an easy way to paint the rug.

If your stencil design has more than one color, you must paint only one color at a time.  Allow each color to dry completely before going on to the next color.  If you are painting a border or a repeating pattern on the rug, you should let each part dry before moving the stencil.  This prevents smears and mistakes.

Crafting a country style stencil rug is a great way to add your own personal touch to your home.  You can use letter stencils to make a welcome mat, or simply paint pictures or decorative borders on your canvas rug.  The stencil painted country throw rug is a wonderful home decor accent.


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