Home Business Start Up Idea – Aquarium Installer

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People that wish to start a home business should consider becoming an aquarium installer.  This business is also recommended for those who enjoy fish tanks and have some knowledge or the care involved.  This article will cover the information needed to start your own aquarium installation home business.

The Role of the Fish Tank in the Home or Office

Having a fish tank or aquarium in your home or office fulfills several niches.  The first possible role is that of pure decoration.  Fish tanks, when properly set up and cared for, are very attractive things to have in your home.  With the vast variety of decorations and styles available, you can find one to fit any taste.

Another popular reason to have a fish tank is stress reduction.  It has been shown that watching fish swim placidly around in an aquarium, often accompanied by the soft sound of moving water, can have a calming affect on those around it.  In an office, this can help to keep a cheerful atmosphere.

Installing and Cleaning Duties

If you wish to start an aquarium installation home business, you must be conversant with the duties you will be responsible for.  Installation of a fish tank will often take more than one visit.  First, the tank must be set up with all decorations, plants, heater, and filter systems.  For maximum health, the water should be conditioned to remove harmful chemicals.  Then, the fish and other aquatic life can be added.

After the tank is installed, your home business will also be responsible for maintenance and cleaning.  An aquarium should be checked once a week and have at least twenty percent of its water changed.  Filters will also need to be cleaned.

Marketing Your Fish Tank Business

You might think that it would be difficult to market an aquarium installation business.  However, many people are intrigued with the idea of having a fish tank in their home or office, but are leery about the perceived mess and effort of taking care of it.  Placing advertisements in the newspaper, the phone book, and hanging up flyers at local shops is a good way to get started.  You can also drop in to businesses in your area and leave your card and a brochure with them.

Becoming an aquarium installer is a great home business start up idea.  With some knowledge of aquariums and some basic tools, you will be able to get started in this service oriented business.


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