Teach Your Preschool Child the Alphabet and Reading

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One of the first things that your preschool age child learns is their alphabet, letters, or ABCs.  Of course, learning to sing the ABC song is one of the classic methods of teaching the alphabet to the very young.  There are many other fun methods that will help get your preschool child reading for reading.

Now I Know My ABCs

One of the most popular ways to teach your preschool child the alphabet is through singing the ABC song.  Putting the alphabet to music makes it more memorable and enjoyable for young children.

Of course, singing the ABC song will only teach the order of the letter in the alphabet.  It will do nothing else to prepare them for reading.

Printing and Copy Practice for Letters

Handwriting is an important part of preschool children learning to communicate.  Using manuscript printing paper, or working over two lines of regular notebook paper, have your child copy the letters of the alphabet.  Be sure to teach your child both upper case and lower case letters.

Letter Sounds and Phonics

Phonics and letter sounds are the building blocks of reading.  Your preschool child can have fun discovering the different sounds that the alphabet letters make.  Phonics lessons are often split up into vowels and consonants.  It is important to teach your preschool child that vowels make more than one sound.

Early Words for Preschool Lesson Plans

Preschool lessons about the alphabet and early reading skills would not be complete without the introduction of sight words.  When we begin to read as children, not all words are sounded out using the rules of phonics.  In fact, some words break the rules.  These words are called sight words.

Your preschool child can learn sight words by reading books together with you, using word flash cards with colorful pictures, or by practicing writing them in their handwriting lessons.

Fun Stuff to Do With ABCs and Letters

If your child likes the hands-on approach, there are several great crafts that can be done to learn the alphabet and early reading.  Use shaving cream or frosting to write the alphabet on paper plates.  Construct the letters out of Popsicle sticks or toothpicks.  Your preschool child will even have fun lying down on the floor with a friend to try to create the shapes of the letters with their bodies.

Teaching your preschool child the alphabet and reading preparedness is an important task for their overall development.  With these fun and educational methods, your child will be ready to continue on their language journey in kindergarten and beyond.


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