Charice Pempengco singing in a Pre-Inauguration Ceremony of US Pres Barack Obama

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Who would have thought that 16 year old ordinary girl from the Philippines was invited to sing at one Pre –Inauguration ceremony of newly elected US President Barack Obama? Indeed Charice Pempengco’s invitations to sing in the United States boomed after she sang in Ellen Degeneres show and Oprah Show. She was only discovered in Youtube in the late 2007.

At a Youtube clip by a member named False Voice, Bianca Ryan vs. Charice Pempengco paved a way for international invitations for the younger Filipino singer. She guested in one tv singing show in South Korea which made her became the most requested foreign guest singer and indeed tipped off Korean people’s hearts. She became a favorite and her videos made more invitations from European countries as well as in United States.

Her first appearance was in the Ellen Degeneres show and impressed the Americans. She reborn the classic songs of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. After that she guested in Oprah Winfrey Show and also gained a loud standing ovation and a warm hug from Oprah Winfrey herself. As a surprise for her was a video message from one of her idol Celine Dion, who invited her to sing in one of her concert. Then more and more offers flocked her way, like a dream come true for her , her family and the entire nation of the Philippines.

The latest show she sang was a Pre-Inauguration and tribute to Martin Luther on January 19. She gained a huge standing ovation from Americans after she sang the songs God Bless America and One moment in Time. This is indeed a very huge honor for Charice and her home country as the first Filipino who sang in an Inauguration of a newly elected US President. Charice went home with pride and dignity and brought home hopes and dreams back to the Philippines. These experiences slowly open the eyes of other Filipino talents that there is hope for their dreams to come true.


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