Superbowl 2009 best commercial or ads

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The 2009 Super Bowl commercials are great but it’s not the best according to a few analysts. It’s not a surprise in this kind of economy that businesses have laid off thousands and therefore they would not be spending as much on a commercial. However, most of the commercial are still funny and refreshing.

One columnist at the New York Times’ was disappointed by saying “ In recent months, Americans have been disappointed and appalled by Wall Street, banks, the big-budget film “Australia,” investment counselors, Detroit, the governors of at least two states, hedge fund managers and even the geese at La Guardia, which used to know better than to interfere with those metal birds they fly among.”

A Washington Post’s columnist, Tom Shales who wasn’t disappointed said “ If corners were cut in the presentation of Super Bowl XLIII, it was hard to spot them. Maybe the commercials overall were a little less lavish, maybe less beer flowed and fewer luxury cars tooled along sleek and sylvan superhighways, but if pulled out of context and shown to an impartial audience of creatures from outer space, it’s unlikely the game would be labeled the First Super Bowl of the New Recession.”

The Huffington Post put up the best ads on their websites and those were the Swedish Bud Light commercial with Conan Obrien, Etrade with children talking, Doritos power commercial, Pedigree, and Bridgestone commercial. Conan Obrien Bud Light commercial was funny enough when Conan wore a red woman top and just dancing around. It sure looks funny. The talking baby in the Etrade commercial is funny. The Doritos commercial is funny where a guy eats a dorito and it can make a woman outfit blown away or money coming out of an ATM machine.

Bridgestone hot item was very funny with robots dancing to a rap song on Mars or it looks like it for the official NFL website. The bud light office commercial where an employee got thrown out of the office window to the ground for asking the team to buy bud light for every meeting was funny. Pedrigree commercial was also considered as one of the best commercial with over size animals running around with people. It was great to see this video. The over size flamingo was really cute with the older woman running out of the house. The elephant that ruin the house was also fun to watch. Adopting pets and saving their lives are important. These commercials were considered the best for the 2009 Super Bowl commercial. Bud Light is always finding its way to the best channel or show like the Super Bowl.

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