Love Poem: Unrequited

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Her dry eyes
roughened by the  
bloodshot nights and  
mute angels that  
pounce at her throat.
Her mind repeats
but her body is
suspended in the
still flashes
of color that  
jump from the shifting
glass darkness.

She shields her
quivering eyes,
screams silence that no one
can hear, the weighted words

caught in the
raspy throat,
unable to escape the 
clogged passage.

Tear away the shadowy eyes
cracked lips
and sky black smiles
as the ground shakes,
tilting and swaying,
forcing her onto  
her knees.

The night was
pulling and shoving
and crying and bleeding
and black tears
streaming and connecting
her intangible body
to concrete earth.

The hollowed out eyes
pale blue smile
and the dry hard blood
on reality.
The red mist scattered
and blanketed the
suspended filaments
that creaked in the wind.

She topples
shocked and bloodied
and dried,

clawing her way
into the dark circle
of singing apostles
that fall in and out
of reality
of the swaying lights.
They grab her
battered hands
pull her into
the light
and shoots her
red cracked eyes

“good night,
my love”


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