Can my PC get me a headache?

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Having found itself in many people not familiar with the options manager called Outlook Express Mail or Courier for all managers to use, I have some suggestions to prevent what is happening is increased. Unfortunately no one can stop.

The MUA has 4 top boxes (spaces) for complete details:

a): the e-mail address of the sender (the sending)
b) for the e-mail address to whom mail is sent
c) CC: It means “Carbon Copy”, that is another email address to also receive the same mail
d) BCC means “blind carbon copy with”, ie a load here all E-mail program that allows one (the sender) sees all, but when the mail arrives each recipient sees only YOUR email address and not the others.

Many people do not know it and load the E-Mail addresses of others in DC. NEVER have to do that.
The result? that spread the e-mail addresses to infinity (Ad Libitum, the Pope would say). Breaks, is violating the confidentiality. If one trusts him and gives the email address to someone not authorized to that of 100 people, but this happens all too often.

As a result of this ignorance every day we fill the box with SPAM E-Mail (mail promotions, sales and services not requested, difficult to filter). This is the same for all mortals. For all of us. When this happens, you only have a remedy that is much work to remove a mail account, open a new one and update all the places where the cargo and send it to all contacts.

The problem is not just mountains of junk mails, but the high risk that the PC will put us all against the 3 worst enemy:

a) Viruses
b) The Trojan Horses or Trojans
c) Worms

All these “bugs” may disturb, destroy documents, programs ruin, ruin the operating system to literally Commerce Hard Drive inside the PC.

Plus: a) Many Autoship andalusia connect themselves (not to mention those that are always connected by cable, broadband or wireless, are the most exposed) alone or communicate through a port of the PC to activate or “bring” something much more dangerous. Some have turned to a date and a “disaster”, for example, May 5 at 20 pm. (clock of the PC).

But discounting the advanced users on the topic, do not know they have a “time bomb” inside your PC. This is essential for to delete e-mails that carried Address in the Address Book of Outlook Express. The bugs use this book to find out who to send mails contaminated Autoship. And we never, we shall learn who did us harm and did harm to us (our PC).

2 Principles to learn to work in a PC
1) As in medicine, prevention is much more important than cure.

2) Same as STD, HIV, hepatitis and others, one must be careful promiscuity (read mails put in CC and not BCC). No fix, low risk.

What are the “inputs” more common and more “open” for bugs A, B and C?

a) The entry of mails
b) The instant messengers, such as Microsoft Messenger
c) Programs ICQ

How do I fix this?

Best leave umbrellas in case it rains.

1) NO LISTINGS BY MAIL ADDRESSES IN CC CCO but to respect the confidentiality of the user. For example you can not know unless they are highly trained users or programs have to do-who was directed to mail this in with a blind carbon copy (Bcc). @ Lists the thousands and thousands and spread their safety is not a mail from person to person. Therefore, the greater the risk.

2) Do you have a good ANTIVIRUS? Is it updated? Is properly set and check the incoming and outgoing mail, Messenger and ICQ?

3) Do you have good firewall (Firewall)? Is it updated? Is properly set and check the incoming and outgoing mail, Messenger and ICQ?

4) install the updates the system at the same? quite flawed and fragile the poor thing for the poor WINDOWS William Gates. Ditto for the browser or browser (Explorer, Navigator, Opera, etc.).

5) HAVE A GOOD CLEANER Trojans and worms (sometimes the antivirus not “see”)? Is it updated? Is properly set and check the incoming and outgoing mail, Messenger and ICQ?

6) There are other bugs that are known spyware or Spiders ( “spiders” or “spies”). These bugs are not a know, when you visit sites or download programs (such as the KaZaA) and are installed in the system. Make a job-are not the only information that is sent to whom, where to surf, sail how much, how many mails sent to whom, what to do with the PC. Everything goes as information to hundreds of locations worldwide. Do not paranoid, but Big Brother watching us.

Tip: You all know that long time ago that a satellite can see the patent number of a car in the middle of any city or see what you’re reading a man seated at a table of a bar reading the newspaper. And our PC and are with us long before.

Do not believe what I say. Lean and ask. Have no fear or apprehension. All started without knowing anything. Americans say “Baby Steps”, “baby steps” cortitos and little by little. O háblenlo with whom he attended to the PC (Technical Support).

How do you know if there is spyware on my PC and how clean?

There are free programs to do this. Once per week (depending on the use we give to the PC) is you should “run.” Like the Trojan Cleaner.

How to block spam?

There are several ways. In the respective webmails everyone has, there are options to do that, but its usefulness is limited, and usually end up blocking legitimate mail and letting pass the spam.


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