Happy couple, a recipe for divorce stress

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Everyone knows it is gratifying that, in emotive language, live next to be loved, but few should be aware that this is even beneficial to health itself.

This is what some researchers demonstrated at the University of Ohio, USA, who assert that there is evidence to say that a perfect fit helps to reduce stress.

As many might provide, a person who lives a comfortable life with their loved one, most probably eat better, sleep better and have better sex, which is essential to enjoy good health.

These researchers, thanks to his studies, also strongly imply that, through the interaction of the couple, the better body through hormones related to stress, and also improved their immune function. For example, found that a marital quarrel could decrease immune response, making even the implementation of an ineffective vaccine, or slowing the healing of a wound.

The research conducted by American scientists was to work for almost two decades, which examined the behavior and health ninety couples. There could corroborate that people in those couples who were divorced (about twenty percent of the total) had high levels of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol and other stress-related signs.

Stress is basically inadequate to respond, by the body to the demands both internal and external to the psychological or social. When a person feels overwhelmed by any of these two types of pressure, your body releases several types of harmful hormones, mainly ACTH which in turn is responsible to provide “free” to the secretion of cortisol, adrenaline, prolactin, and noradrenaline.

Therefore, an individual who does not have the support of another person is in a more prone to stress tables alter their body through the secretion of these substances. The most common disorders suffered by people with this table are the changes of the menstrual cycle, in the case of women, sexual dysfunction or problems in thyroid function in the case of men.

Moreover, if one takes into account that the body is integrated with its social and natural environment through the interaction of the nervous and endocrine systems, which regulate the immune system, it is not surprising that a comfortable life as a couple, acting favorably about the health of the individual.

A good partner is not the same as a couple

However, do not believe that enough to live with another person to prevent stress … For example, if the relationship is constant bickering, or a repeated neglect of any party to another, is achieved only add pressure the individual, and therefore there was a health status above the opposite: a decline in the functions of the immune system and increased chances of suffering from stress.

Therefore, if, among other things, it wants to achieve adequate prevention of stress, it is essential to lead a harmonious life as a couple. For this, specialists recommend respecting the individuality of the other, trying not to invade or attempt to dominate the space alien.

Indeed, nothing is more stressful and stressful than a couple who can not accept the wishes of the other party, but not match them, and try by every means to impose its own vision of things.

Certainly, nobody is born knowing how to keep a good couple together, but the road is where you learn to accentuate the strengths and amend errors. However, it is crucial to the acceptance of the fact that the care and preservation of one another also requires work to be done, careful craftsmanship that starts to put aside the natural tendency to lean only on one’s own ideas.

As you’ve seen the effort to achieve a good and harmonious pair well worth: many experts agree that state that a good couple relationship is one of the most effective ways to cope better shape obstacles daily life and prevent suffering in this way tables of stress for both you and your loved one.


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