How to inject passion into your marriage

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“… And we love for a lifetime, till death do us part.” Undoubtedly, you could easily recognize this phrase, which was engraved in his memory after this fantastic wedding with so much to be loved.

However … What happened during all these years? What was this sentence after five, ten, twenty or thirty years? For many, the marital relationship may have become somewhat routine, devoid of romance and sexual passion, which could even beyond the continuity of mutual affection-cause failures or acts of adultery.

In fact, many couples have managed to maintain their mutual love for their entire lives, but certainly this love is not the same as those who experienced a long time ago, at the time of their marriage. The problem for these couples experiencing has to do with doubts about coóo make fire reborn from the ashes, so that in their marriage, in addition to love, to return such vigorous passion that made them a unique experience.

Here are some suggestions:

Back to romance

This seems like a cliché, but what does that mean? In fact, it can mean a lot of things, but first has to do with keeping your partner in your mind … before anything and anyone. Think about what your needs with respect to you. This will always lead to show very romantic gesture, as the needs of your partner will be considered before those of all others, including their own.

Use your imagination

Being romantic is not only giving a kiss of greeting or farewell, but also say “I love you” often, offer hugs, love notes left in your wallet or in the bathroom mirror, prepare a bubble bath and take together with the only light the candles, surprise with a coffee or breakfast in bed, bring flowers once and unexpectedly for no apparent reason, writing a love poem and read it to them, or just say sweet little things like “I care for ti “.

Stimulating conversation

Another very good way to stimulate passion, can be found in the same bedroom. First was to stimulate conversation. But not on children, politics, or the price of the supermarket, but about sex. And not just about sex, but about their sex.

You may feel a little awkward at first, but this will be very challenging, given a greater sense of closeness and mutual desire, because they both know a little more, and be aware of how their tastes have changed in recent years. But, especially, try not to talk but to listen to others. And leave a clear rule from the beginning, nothing we say both, may be criticized by the other (never, ever, an “oh, how you dare to tell me that …”).

A first date

You might ask … A date with my husband … you? But if we have been married for years! No matter. Back to first have an appointment with flowers, dinner and kisses in front and walk to the river, help to maintain a sense of youth and enthusiasm, especially if done in one place where it happened for the first time, years ago …

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is not hard to get lost in the jungle of life routine. But if you really want to rekindle the romance that has been extinct in the marriage, should begin to follow one (or all if possible) of these suggestions, so that their relationship will receive a refreshing wave of passion.


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