How to tell if someone is lying

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A lie can respond to different reasons, but in most cases unaware of who can lie more through and betrays signs almost imperceptible at times, but knowing what can be detected.

Below we give some clues to discover whether a person is lying or not. Note however, that there are no universal rules, because:

It may happen that a person has a tic that is not lying. Make sure that before judging someone.

There is one truth but many ways of lying. Be careful because many people are accustomed to lying, not stammer and remember everything you said without making any mistake.

In some cultures eye contact is a lack of respect. Why not committed the mistake of assuming that you are lying rapidly.

Signs that someone is lying

Search by body language to see if someone is lying, and not look him in the eye when he speaks, to be nervous or awkward to operate.

Expect to hear the inconsistencies in what the person says, such as different stories on different days, different time frames, errors in recalling details, or mix things up.

Check if the person is strongly opposed to answering any questions. The defense could mean extreme you are trying to hide something.

Note if the person is accused of lying to you if you do not really have been. This could reflect that the person is planning on something that you did it to defend himself in advance of any charges.

Listen to your instincts. You can see when a person is lying. If you are unsure, do not draw hasty conclusions. Try to obtain evidence to support its position.

Consider asking directly if you are lying. Many people feel bad if discovered and finally confesses the truth.

Try to listen and understand the reasons for the lie. Was not his intention lying? Were you scared that you are angry or disappointed?

Observe their role while someone is lying Are you someone who is upset to hear the truth from others who want to be honest with you?


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