Pot of Discrimination

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Discrimination-“Natural recourses & sensation of creatures are gifted by providence for being & becoming. So many social & technological concepts are also being accredited for fulfill the existential needs with latest convenient way since long ago. But due to execution of repulsion intelligence in every social & technological concept maximum people of the world are deprived to establish own distinctiveness & liberty in their respective society .This is called discrimination.” Regional discrimination is a part of world wide social chaos or anarchy.

 Cause of discrimination– Foolishness is main cause and fertile field for creating discrimination out of various causes .Foolishness is a temperament of mind. Mitigate of foolishness draws germination of creativity. Various Government and Non-Government social systems are working for facilitate foolish, and some extend it is also getting fruitful.

Action taking for reduces foolishness

A-Various scheme are being introduced for free and compulsory primary education.

B-Various programme are being organized for improving health and hygienic conscious.

C-Rotary motivation camps are moving around the year for family planning and vocational training for enhance financial condition such as new method of cultivation, plantation, poultry farm, dairy farm, food preservation, honey farm ,cottage industry, crafts etc.

D-Reservation is introduced for participating in social stream.

                                     Then also as per statistics maximum people of the world are being trapped by exploitation, manipulation and discrimination in world wide society.

Unseen flow for sustaining foolishness

A-Motivating for become communal sentiment and sacrifice existence, creating unnatural widows, orphans and disables by communities’ religion leaders.

C-Some where of world inspiring to create new state or country rather than improving living standard.

D-People are being divided by various political parties and disturbing and heed people about theirs social dignity, liberty, justice, right, duty and prosperity.

E-Extremist, naxalite and terrorist concept are evolved all over the world and deviated foolish from conception of life.

F- Developed a corruption flow in execution of governance system for harassing world wide foolish.

Role of world wide savant people– All the intelligent of world have been governing the world people in every field of society since long ago, and as per theirs brain development social concepts are being introducing for hindering the repulsion act in social system and try to establish harmony, distinctiveness and liberty.

                                         That means it is clear that still now there is lacuna in potentiality of world wide social systems for hindering the repulsion act upon society and world people stand in ammunition heap for annihilate self though so many Govt. and non-Govt. organization have been  working to make a trust, integrate and peace world.

                                           Now question is; why such fierce and dread situation is prevailing yet after so many reformations on world wide social concepts.  Answer is; attraction and repulsion are two plays of providence and it is working within micro system of every one. Attraction intelligence stands for happiness and repulsion stands for unhappy. Potentiality to recognize repulsion thought and action within and outside could create higher potentiality social system to resist repulsion act, would mitigate discrimination and violence.

Action plan for infusing  perpetual  concept–               

 Press, humanitarian organization & writer’s duty & searching to highlight the mystery of foolishness & creativity as suitable to theirs scope & platform for improving the social, financial & psychological condition of world wide foolish people.Accelaration of such awareness will help to draw a trust, integrate, prosperous & peace world.


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