Computers, All You Need to Know. Part1

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In this text I will tell you everything you need to know about upgrading, tweaking and keeping your computer healthy and up to date!! But first, I will introduce you to the little box that’s sitting next to you.

-What is a computer?

A computer is what a lot of people might say, an artificial brain. Both yes and no. For a computer to be a brain, it must think on it’s own, and as far as our technology goes, computer processors still cannot do that! Basically, your computer is an advanced version of your brain, with a much more vivid imagination, a faster mathematical idiot without the capability of thinking!

Gaming computers. What are they and why?

A gaming computer these days are defined by the speed of the CPU, the GPU, the RAM and the hard drive.

The more the better.

A lot of today’s computer games have such advanced graphics that some processors can take on but cannot sustain; I’ll take for example the worlds most popular MMO : World of Warcraft. 3 years ago, you were able to play wow on your pIII or pIV computer without lagging too much. Today, you need minimum a dual core processor @ 1.8GHz and a decent video card of 256Mb and over.

Why the HUGE change in such a short notice? There are 2 reasons in total:

1: The age of the hardware found in your computer

2: The advancement of the graphics of the software.

Remember when I said that a computer is an advanced version of your brain with a Vivid Imagination? This is what I meant.

A computer’s “Imagination” is the graphics that show on YOUR personal screen. The graphics show up thanks to a small hardware device called GPU (otherwise known as: Graphics Processing Unit, or simply, Video Card)

Also, the age of the hardware in your computer. If you’re wishing your computer was the gaming beast you sometimes see on TV, or in videos, watching gamers do what they’re best at, you gotta make sure that you have recent hardware. (It should be younger than 1 year)

But it’s not just the hardware that matters.

Having a computer that’s with the right OS (operating system) and the right tweaks also has a great impact on the performance of your connector to world.

(end of part 1)


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