Tips for choosing the right training collar and leash for your dog

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 Choosing the right collar and leash for your dog is very important! It should be done with consideration, and information. Why is choosing the right collar and leash so important? This is a question that I get asked quite frequently. The answer is simple yet complexed all at the same time. Simply put the collar and leash that you choose will be something you use everyday, and will determine the success of your training.

A leash and collar should not only be used for taking your dog for a walk, or keeping them close by and out of trouble. A leash and collar is the way you are able to teach your dog, train them to obey you. If done properly training your dog is a great bonding experience for both of you. It will also result is a very well behaved dog.

There are many choices out there when you are looking to purchase a leash and collar and prices range as much as the products do. You can choose between nylon leashes, rope, retractable, and leather to name the most common. When choosing collars the most common are choke, nylon, leather, and pinch (also known as prong). So with all these choices and little information, making the choice can be overwhelming for some, and others will choose the cheapest option because after all they don’t know the difference so “why not” they think. There is however a big difference in these types of collars and leashes, especially when you are looking for a collar and leash to train your dog with.

First I would like to let everyone know about the damages that a collar can cause to a dog. Have you ever noticed that when a dog is wearing a collar they will pull and make a sound like they are gasping for air? As smart as some dogs are they all do it, they keep pulling like they don’t even notice that they are not breathing right. When they do this it can cause damage to their neck, and trachea among other things. This is why purchasing a collar is so important to your dogs training as well as their health.

So lets first take a look at the choices we have for collars. This is the most important part of your training so should be purchased with careful consideration and research. Nylon collars are many peoples first choice; usually the cheapest in price and most diverse in color. There is nothing wrong with nylon collars however they offer no control over your dog and really no way to train your dog; this is because the dog will continue to pull on the collar. Leather collars are usually the most expensive choice for collars, but just like nylon collars really offer no way to train your dog and there are health risks when pulling occurs. Choke collars are mid priced, and thought by many to be a training collar, however these are no more effective then nylon or leather collars, and more dangerous to your dog, because they tighten around the neck, and your dog will still continue to pull which could result in severe damage to their necks.

This brings us to the pinch or prong collar as some people know it, which are also mid priced. This is an effective training collar and it works differently then all other collars on the market. Instead of the dog pulling and causing damage to his/her neck and trachea the pinch collar, when used properly simply pinches the skin around your dogs neck. Many people think these collars look inhumane and that pinching their dogs neck is mean. You must consider this before making that assumption or choice for you dog. When a mother dog is trying to teach her puppy not to do something she bites the skin around their neck. So from the time your dog is a puppy this is the way that he/she has been learning what not to do. This collar alone does not train your dog, it takes work on your part to use the collar in combination with the commands you want your dog to learn. It is however the most effective and safest way to train your dog, and requires no treats to teach!

The leash also referred to as the lead. This is also a very important part of training your dog, especially when using a pinch collar. This is because your dog is learning through corrections given using the lead which is attached to the collar. When looking for a leash you want to avoid retractable. You want your dog to be with you, and listen to you, not have free run. Retractable leashes gives no control over your dog, and can be hard to retract when your dog is pulling.

Nylon and rope leashes are very similar in their quality for training. They are very flimsy therefor offers you little control over the movements of the leash, they are also not the most comfortable on your hands. I use a leather leash to train, I am able to get a good grip on it with no irritation to my hands. Leather also offers the control I need to make my corrections because it is stiff .

A 6 foot leash is recommended for training, it gives you a long enough lead to be able to have slack when training. This ensures you only give a correction when one is needed, and not by accident, which is very confusing and counter productive to the training process. Using a 6 foot lead allows you to be 6 feet from your dog and still give a correction. This is great when teaching commands such as stay.

There are many good reasons why you should train your dog. The first and most important step is choosing a collar and leash. A pinch collar and leather leash make the perfect combination to get your dogs attention, and have fun with your pet. It allows you to have a well behaved dog with no treats in your pocket just praise. In the end you will have a stronger bond between you and your pet. Your dog will be well behaved and all your friends will want to know how you did it. So choose wisely and make the best decision for you and your dog.


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