Valley of Death

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The valley of death is inescapable

Yet, a waisted life is.

Though we grieve,

The tears will not last forever,

The pain will subside,

The Sunday will be remembered.

Yet, forgive the other driver,

Pitty his lost soul,

He may never know the truth.

The times will be easier with each day,

We can not cry forever.

Though we may not see him here,

It does not mean we will not see him again.

Do not waiste your life grieving, for

We will be requesting him back down,

To a fallen world.

Life goes on with each day, passing by

Life does not wait for the pain to die,

Memories do not leave, those we have…

Are unforgettable.

Tears will be shed,

Life keeps going on no matter our pain.

When the light fades out let their be no regrets.


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