Shattered Dreams

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I look down at the worshiped halls

Blood dripping down

burning my eyes

How do I move on

When a past carries on

How do you move on

When the pain will not subside

The carelessness of childish dreams…

I am jealous

Jealous of those,

That had the times…

To dream with the eagles

Love with the wind

Run with the wild beasts

fight for a cause,

I am left with shattered and torn dreams

Of what should have been

Running for my freedom

… Fighting for my life.

When all I want

Is childish freedom

To do as I please

And Smile..

I go through…

And just survive…

Because it is what we do

The people I know

Whats right is fair

But what is fair isn’t always right

Blessed are those who get out

Cursed are those who refuse to fight

And humbled are those that survive.


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