Foods That Help to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction ranks high among the many issues many try to avoid discussing. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction especially find the topic cause for much embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy. Therefore, many men who have erectile dysfunction often have problems in their sex lives and in their relationships; there is generally a breakdown in communication and sexual confidence in men who have erectile dysfunction. But thanks to the many erectile dysfunction drugs on the market and nutrition against erectile dysfunction, there is now much less strife between couples dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Knowing exactly what is causing your erectile dysfunction is the best way to overcome it and lead a very fulfilling sex life. Reduced blood flows to the penis and nerve damage are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Other causes of erectile dysfunction are stress, poor nutrition, diabetes, vascular disease, smoking, pelvic trauma, hormone disorder, drugs, radiation therapy and neurological disorders. So once you’ve uncovered the cause of your erectile dysfunction, you can make a plan to address the issue while taking your prescription for erectile dysfunction.

But overcoming erectile dysfunction starts with proper nutrition, diet and body fat. Foods that contain zinc, vitamin E, fish oil, fruits and vegetables help to fight erectile dysfunction. Foods high in fat, sugar and sodium make your erectile dysfunction worse. Also, you should lose weight if you overweight as being overweight can lead to blood circulation problems. When the arteries and veins are blocked by fat and plaque, blood does not flow properly through the body and the penis needs proper blood flow to become erect. Here are some foods that can help you overcome erectile dysfunction:


Research shows that watermelon may help protect erectile dysfunction through its citrulline content. Citrulline is a phytonutrient that helps to relax and open up blood vessels, promoting the flow of blood to the penis. Citrulline converts to arginine in the body and arginine releases nitric acid to the blood which helps to relax the blood vessels. To get the best erectile dysfunction-fighting properties from watermelons don’t refrigerate it until it is cut. Also, you can fight erectile dysfunction more effectively if you cut the rind of the watermelon in small pieces and run it through a juicer. The highest concentration of citrulline is found in the rind.

Foods High in Zinc

Foods such as turkey, chicken, peanuts, whole grain products, yogurt, beef, lamb, salmon, cheese and milk are excellent sources of zinc. Some men who have erectile dysfunction have a depletion of zinc in their bodies. Zinc depletion in men may result from long-term use of diuretics as well as result from diseases such as diabetes, certain kidney and liver diseases and digestive disorders. Zinc is an important mineral in men’s sexual health. Zinc boosts the production of testosterone and enhances sperm mobility.

Coconut Water

Coconut water may help to treat erectile dysfunction. That’s because coconut water contains many electrolytes that create energy in the body. Electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium and potassium contract muscles and move water and fluids within the body. Muscle contraction, especially in the heart can help to cure erectile dysfunction. A healthy heart function is crucial to overcoming erectile dysfunction as the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body. So try drinking more coconut water to fight erectile dysfunction and replenish the cells in your body.


Papaya is a good food to eat when treating erectile dysfunction. Papaya contains arginine, which boosts blood flow to the penis. Arginine boosts nitric acid in the body to relax the muscles surrounding the blood vessels that supply the penis. These blood vessels then dilate and increase blood flow. A more concentrated form of arginine found in Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction.


Garlic is another super food for erectile dysfunction. Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham uncovered that garlic boosts the production of hydrogen sulfide, which relaxes blood vessels and arteries Also garlic contains allicin which is known to stimulate blood flow. Relaxed arteries and correct blood flow will guarantee the end of erectile dysfunctions.

Foods High in Vitamin E

Foods high in vitamin E are also potent arsenal in the nutrition fight against erectile dysfunction. Foods such as peanuts, almonds, broccoli, spinach, mango and wheat germ can help fight erectile dysfunction. Vitamin E promotes the healthy functioning of the heart and arteries, which promotes good blood flow and circulation within the body.

You can effectively treat erectile dysfunction by modifying your diet and lifestyle. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent and treat erectile dysfunction. Also, avoid eating fatty foods, foods high in sodium and foods high in sugar. If you are a smoker it is best to stop as smoking clogs up arteries, which promote bad blood flow. Bad blood flow can lead to erectile dysfunction. Try to get regular exercise as exercising stimulates blood flow and healthy heart function, which can ultimately lessen erectile dysfunction.


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