For Dawn

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Hoof prints in the sand

Once two

Once whole

In the sailors sunset

I watched you ride

Far away,

Until the sun,

Took you away….

I can fight this ocean

As much as I want to,

But there is no winning it over.

You can beseech a war,

On a force, you can never fully understand…

Fate has its role set in play,

Whats done is done, and

Whats said is said

And whats left unsaid,

Will remain that way,

For eternity

When sunsets take the happiness

They take the smile off your face

You wait, for years…

For dawn…

But that too,

There is no stopping that

Letting go, of things

Out of your control

Is often the hardest feat of all.


It is best…

When you start to forget

Their hugs

Their kisses

Their love,

At least that way,

There is less to miss.

Less tears to cry

And you can hate fate

Hate the world

Just a little less…

Because you can’t remember those days..


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