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I would like to take this time to pay tribute to a few of my friends here on Bukisa. I have not been a member long, but have been welcomed with open arms by many.

Jaylar was the first to join in my network. I knew him from another writing site which we are both members. His writings are many and very interesting indeed. His new arrival is Dealing With Cyber Stalkers the article deals with really important information and how to be safe out there online. In this day and age of the internet none of us can be too safe when we spend so many hours in front of our computer screens. Have you heard of these three countries is another one of his very informative writes.

Bren Parks is another friend from the other writing site we are all members of, Triond . One of her articles Odd Burial Customs is just one of many of her wonderful articles. Her articles range from things like this to taking car of dogs. Interesting stuff.  Go check them out I promise you wont be disappointed.

Chanleepeng is another friend of mine, he is also from Triond. Him and I have been friends now for quite some time and both of us have had our ups and downs with that site. One of his articles is How to Boost Your Immune System is a wonderful informative article that gives great advice and information on how to be healthier and boost your immune system. He writes many articles from health related to conserving fuel to disk space on your computer. He is a very wise man indeed.

These are only a few of the many friends I have made here in Bukisa. I love writing here and enjoy all of my friends. This site is fresh and new and upcoming and has come along way. I understand there is a lot of new things coming our way soon.

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