Journey to The Sea

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Brave archer-son of woodland elves
In evil’s growing shadows dwelt
In Elven halls of fantasy
Beneath the stars, under the trees.
Gone, the years of complacency:
No more the magic dinner feasts,
Deer driven out by cunning beast.
The shadows grew a doom to tell
That must be brought to Elvendell.
A culminating prophecy.

Around the table tales were told
Of dark wraiths seen and rings of gold;
As tempers flared he made his case
To aid a friend, defend his race —
Irked by the dwarf’s obduracy.

A strange pact forged in anger bound
Son of the tree, son of the ground.
Nine walkers made the choice that day,
A journey planned and then… away!
To carry war’s diplomacy.

O’er barren lands to goblin mines.
Trolls, goblins, threats his bow would find –
Fell victims of his accuracy.

Through dark and danger, fire and flame,
The Demon’s whip and burning mane.
At last escaping at great cost –
Their guide, their friend, the Wizard lost.
Despairing in their misery,
Still pressing on o’er glade they ran,
Into the trees – enchanted land –
In golden woods to find release:
A time to mourn, a time of peace,
Until the fateful prophecy…

A boat ride South with seven friends,
Where waters fall, the River ends;
As did the Fellowship that day.
Two halflings gone; two swept away
By Necromancer’s progeny.

There one strong man succumbed at last,
Then lost his life while standing fast
Against goblins’ foul piracy.

To horse lands fast on foot they flew
To find their friends, their bonds renew.
Into the living woods they dared –
A meeting caught them unprepared:
The White Wizard’s conspiracy.

Dark days grew darker as they tread
Where none would go – Paths of the Dead.
There a Ranger cast off his doubts;
His power drove the dead to rout
To usher in his legacy.

By Great River the dead host sailed
Vows were fulfilled — the host prevailed.
Yet in triumph on battle’s field,
The Elf-son knew his doom was sealed
While gulls called o’er the war’s frenzy.

As one lord spurned the Wizard’s plea,
Snared by his own complicity,
Faithful companions journeyed on.
The company looked for the dawn
While battle raged on endlessly.

Fighting the fell and monstrous beasts.
They bravely suffered selflessly
Until the reign of terror ceased,
The ring destroyed, the lands released;
The King was crowned; the world knew peace.
For Elven-son – dichotomy…

Such wonders have I known and seen,
Such friends I’ve had, such victories,
Such joy I’ve felt beneath the leaves…
No more for me… no more to be…
No more at rest under the tree,
My home become a fallacy.
Gulls on the shore call out to me;
The tides rise in supremacy.
A yearning born from dormancy
Waking me from complacency.
My heart cries out for clemency,
For succor from the thing it seeks —
The doom proclaimed in prophecy.

Will my heart never more run free?
Until at last it finds release
Beside the sea… beyond the sea.

— Previously published in Silver Leaves: The Journal of the White Tree Fund

This poem is NOT availbel for copying.


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