Learn About The Master Cleanse Diet

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This diet is one of the diets known by many names including the Master Cleanse, The Maple Syrup Diet, The Beyonce Knowles Diet and  other names. It’s used by some for dieting and rapid weight loss and others use the Master Cleanse Diet as a detoxifying diet. Oh yes, and it’s also sometimes referred to as the Lemonade Diet.

The intention of the diet is to cleanse the body of toxins but the side effect is that you can lose up to twenty pounds. The weight loss should be considered short-lived though, because it is more than 50% water weight loss and you will most likely regain that weight shortly after stopping the diet.

This cleansing fast / diet was created in the 1940’s to help cleanse the body of toxins. By eliminating food for the 10 days and drinking a special liquid consisting of lemon juice, water, organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper and taking a laxative, you can expect to see some dramatic results.

While this isn’t a good long-term goal for dieting, the fasting can help you with dramatic results in terms of body cleansing such as with your colon as well as be used as a springboard for healthier lifestyle habits. Many people who see quick results find it easier to persevere with exercise and healthier eating.

There’s oodles of information sources online about the master cleanse but you should consider talking to your doctor about the safety of fasting for a period of ten days and how it could impact your specific health.

The first step beyond learning the diet is to get the Master Cleanse lemonade recipe.

If you’re looking to do the master cleanse, this can clean your body of impurities and result in weight loss. Some who do this seven day cleanse report weight loss of about 20 pounds such as the case with Beyonce Knowles for her role in Dream Girls. The hype surrounding that event prompted some to rename the MasterCleanse diet the Beyonce Knowles Diet.  It’s also known as the Lemonade diet and Maple Syrup diet

In essence, you follow the diet which is in essence a fast with a special liquid that helps cleanse the body. You’re also taking a laxative throughout the process which can aid in the cleansing of the colon.  Fasting is a difficult process that can have many health benefits but it can have risks as well so don’t try a fast unless you get the ‘all clear’ from your doctor.

Basic Master Cleanse Lemonade Recipe:

-1 glass pure filtered water

-Juice of half an organic lemon

-2 tablespoons Organic Maple Syrup

-pinch of cayenne pepper

While doing the cleanse, drinking sea salt water can help have a laxative effect as well.

More information about the rituals associated with the cleanse can be found online. Check out The Cereal Dieter for more info.


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