Runescape review of the game.

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Runescape is an online graphical adventure game that you can play for free, or for a price. The game loads in your browser and using java so the game can be quickly loaded and played on any computer with internet. The world is quite large, even in the free version of the game, and the player base is huge, in the millions! The game is family friendly so that children in their 12s or 13s would probably be fine playing the game, but I’ve found plenty of adults, like myself, online also.

The hero that you play in the world starts the game with very little abilities but has great potential to learn, there are so many skills that you can learn in the game. You can learn to cut trees, and see the logs for cash, you can learn to smith armour and weapons, for yourself or other players. You can learn two different forms of magic, either prayers that come from the gods, or magic that comes from using magical runes in the right combination. And there are plenty of other skills to learn as well. Then there are also quests to play, different characters in the game will send you off to do different quests, these could include going to different places and acquiring different items to bring back, solving puzzles, or killing some nasties. This is all available in the free form of the game, which I played happily for about 3 years before I’d done everything that I could pretty much do, and wanted to try the pay to play version.

In the pay to play version you have more to do, the world is so much bigger, with different islands and different cultures and races to visit. The number of quests are many, many more, and the quests are more interesting with some nice screen shots during different parts of the quests. There are also more items, and better equipment to obtain, as well as more skills to learn. Some of the member skills include construction, that allows you to build your own house and herbalism that allows you to make magical potions. Lastly pay to play version of the game has quite a few mini-games that you can play scattered throughout the world. These games often allow you to team up with other players to accomplish some task, or to defeat the enemy team.

Lastly but not leastly this game updates quite quickly, maybe once a month there will be at least one change or update to the game, sometimes these updates are new quests, and sometimes these are new skills or minigames. Also there are yearly one off events like Halloween events and Christmas events where there will be a quest or activity that lasts for a week or two that can give players some cool rewards! My suggestion is play the game for free for a while, and once you’ve exhuasted the free game’s options then go pay to play. It only costs some 7 dollars or so a month. Which is nothing for the hours of fun the game has provided to me. The great thing too is you can always drop back down to free to play and then become pay to play again in the future, and you still got all your items and stuff waiting for you from the pay to play version of the game!


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