The Flaws of Halo 3 online

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There was a great anticipation when Halo 3 was released on September 25th. People lines up hours, sometimes a day in advance to be one of the first people to play campaign, and online. Adults called in sick to work in order to play all day, and some parents even let their kids skip school. Everyone played through an awesome campaign and good graphics, and then went online to play against others from all around the world. They were met with some very bad concepts tha Bungie decided to include in online play.

The new bash system is one of the most notable faults. It is unrealistic and has caused a lot of angry from veteran players because they are being beat-down by new players. When two enemies engage, if they bash each other within a half a second, the person with the most health going into the engagement kills the other player, instead of who bashes first. There have been many movies all over the internet about this atrocity, even ones taking it frame by frame to prove it, but Bungie still hasn’t done anything about it.

As Bungie developed Halo 3, they said that the shotgun was too powerful in Halo 2, and that they were going to try to counteract it in the new halo. So, what did they do you ask? They did plenty. They did not change the powerfulness of the shotgun, but made a smaller, dual-wielding version of it called a Mauler. They then scattered them around the map for all the new players could use them. If the wanted to make the shotgun less powerful, this is a poor way of showing it!

All in all, Halo 3 is a great single player game, but unfortunately Bungie has ruined the online game play for us.


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