Weezer (The Red Album)

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First off, this album is definetly in the top 3 of weezer albums for me, up there with pinkerton and the blue album. (In no particular order however. The variety of this album is what allows me to listen to it straight through and still keep interested in it. Unlike some bands such as AC/DC or Metallica, who have generic songs throughout the whole album. However this CD does have a steady theme of being original, and being yourself, which does corralate to each song being original and amazing!

The first song is called Troublemaker which is a great intro song, it starts off with a light guitar then into lyrics paraphrased as “screw school i’ll do what i want”. Then goes into the chorus stating that he is a trouble maker which is a great way to get into the original aspect of this album. The song is just a great attention grabber.

I am the greatest man that ever lived, was a shaker hymn that weezer had varied into an epic song that takes aspect from alot of different styles of music, this has to be one of my favorite songs on the album, because i love variation in songs. The song goes from beach boy style overlapping to rock, to chanting, to spoken word, it is definetly an interesting listen.

The third song is their big hit, called Pork and Beans, a song that really isn’t about pork and beans(surprise). It is about being yourself!!! which also adds to the original aspect of the album. The song’s music video, is just a compliation of the youtube phenomona, such as sneezing panda, the gopher, afro ninja, etc. The song is good, but it’s not one of my favourite. I almost like the video more than the song.

Heart Songs, definetly is one of my favourite weezer songs of all time. The song is just about all the music that rivers liked and made his music what it is today. I can’t really describe this one so you’ll have to look it up for yourself. It’s just pretty.

Everbody get dangerous is an upbeat song, that makes you feel like banging your head(or dancing if you like that sorta thing). I think it is kind of a mix of rap in their, then the chorus is all rock. It is just Everybody get dangerous repeated with a few boo yaahs. But sometimes simple is better.

The last three songs i believe are meant to be played together as a kind of like three part series, it kinda seems like to me rivers tried to put together three songs, that kind of put life in a spectrum to look at. The last one Cold Dark World might symbolize then end of Rivers love of music? I don’t know but you decide, and go download this album today!


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