How to play the card game Casino

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The player with the highest number of points wins, or after one player reaches 21 points. A game ends after playing the sixth deal.

Deal out two cards to your opponent, the table (face up), and then to yourself, and then repeat. After each hand, deal eight more the same way, but none to the table. At the beginning of the sixth deal, you must say, “last”.

While playing, an ace counts as 1; numbered cards are face value. Face cards can only be played as pairs. The nondealer plays first. This person can take from table one or more cards of the same rank as a card he holds or two or more cards that add up to the one he is playing. For example, he can take a five and a four from the table by playing a nine. Or he can build by laying one card from his hand on top of a table card, announcing the combination he is building. Another example, laying an ace on a four he would say, “building five” (his hand must contain a five). He can also build like-numbered cards, not face cards. On his next turn, he takes the build, duplicates it with an additional five or increases it (once duplicated, a build cannot be increased), unless, meanwhile, his opponent has increased or taken it. If he cannot take any cards, he trails by laying a card on the table.

Cards taken (placed facedown) cannot be reexamined except for the last pickup. If you take all table cards in one play (a sweep), turn one face up in the pile. After the last round, any remaining cards on the table go to the taker of the last card (this is not a sweep).

27 or more cards = 3

7 or more spades = 1

Big casino (10 of diamonds) = 2

Little casino (2 of spades) = 1

Ace = 1

Sweep = 1


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