Why I Went From Hairstylist to Lunch Lady!

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I have been a licensed hairstylist for over twenty years. I worked in and managed salons as well as owning a salon at one time during these years. I love doing hair. In fact, it’s the only paying job I had for nearly twenty years, until three years ago. I left a $28,000 a year job to go to a $7,000 a year job. What? Am I crazy? No, I just love my kids.

I have two children, one who is 19 and enrolled in college and a 17 year old who is mentally disabled and attending high school. Three years ago, when my youngest daughter entered high school, I was having a hard time finding people who could take care of her while I worked. My oldest daughter, along with my parents, had been watching her, but due to my parents age and their disabilities they could no longer watch her. My oldest daughter was already in high school, and taking part in several academic activities during school and after school, and I realized that it was not fair for her to take care of her sister all of the time.

I had a major decision to make. My kids or my career.  For me, it was easy, my kids. My husband did some changing too, in order for me to change jobs he had to go back to school; this was the only way we could afford for me to be home for our children.

I now work in the school cafeteria where my daughter is enrolled. I am only a few steps away from her if she needs me. I am able to be home with her each day, and during the summer.

Having a disabled child has changed my life. Yes, it’s stressful at times, but I feel blessed to have such a wonderful and loving child. I am also blessed with having the opportunity to be home with her each day.

My kids are the reason I became a cafeteria lady! I know that only certain people are blessed with “special” kids like my daughter; it’s our job as those chosen ones to make their lives as wonderful and fulfilling as possible.


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