Cebu City: A New Haven for Expats in the Philippines

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If you wish to explore the Asia-Pacific region to settle down or to just stay for a while to enjoy, include Cebu in your list of places to consider. You will be surprised to find out that Cebu is now teeming with expatriates from all over the world.

Cebu is located in Southern Philippines. It is one of the very historic places in the country. It was in Cebu where Spanish maritime warrior Ferdinand Magellan conquered the Philippines in 1521 but was later killed after a fierce battle with Lapu-Lapu, a tribal Filipino warrior, in the historic Battle of Mactan. More than 40 years later, another Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legaspi sailed to Cebu with about 500 armed men and with Agustinian and Franciscan Friars, succeeded in colonizing the islands. His religious entourage would later succeed in spreading the Christian faith into the mainstream of the Philippine society; eventually making the Philippines known today as the bastion of Christianity in Asia.


Cebu City Today: A Vibrant Metropolis

Today, Cebu City is teeming with Expatriates from all over the world. Notably, the City is the favorite place of Australians, Europeans, Americans, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. They are lured into the City for its relative peace and order situation, a vibrant economy, topnotch tourism attractions, affordable hotel and housing accommodations, exciting nightlife and entertainment and most of all, for its hospitable and English- speaking population. Most of these expatriates have been living in Cebu for many years. Some of them are retirees who enjoy life in Cebu with their meager pension money. A single guy who gets a US$1,000.00 monthly pension can “live like a king” in Cebu. With his pension money, he can afford to hire a personal driver, a house maid, a decent housing accommodation and still save extra money for food and other personal needs.



Cebu City Bantayan Island, Cebu

Cebu Hotels and Outdoor Facilities

Cebu is famous for its white sand beaches and inland attractions. Cebu has a number of upscale hotels and resorts of international stature. Some of the world class hotels that operate in the city include Marriot, Marco Polo, Shangri-La, Hilton, Parklane, Waterfront, Plantation Bay, Maribago, Days Inn, among others. There are smaller and budget hotels that offer first class accommodations at affordable rates.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys outdoors, Cebu is an ideal place for you. And if you live in the city, most of the beachfront resorts and hotels are just a few minutes away. You can enjoy the clear sea lanes of Cebu and popular water sports are available including fishing and scuba diving.


Cebu Beach Cebu Dive Spot Relaxing in Cebu

Cebu Nightlife

Cebu City is known for its popular bars and nightspots in the islands. Nightclubs and bars abound in the city offering fine food, drinks and entertainment. If you feel lucky, try your luck in a local casino. You can drink to your hearts content without hurting your pocket. Ice Cold San Miguel Beer, the world famous Philippine Beer can be had for less than 1 US dollar. Fresh sea foods abound at surprisingly low prices. If you are a guy who wish to talk the night away with the local hospitality ladies, Cebu City is the place for you. But if you hate nightlife, Cebu also offers exiting and wholesome places to see including the island provinces in Central Philippines.


Beauties from Cebu Nightlife Casino


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