A Diaper Cakes as a New Gift Ideas

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Of course a special request can be made cakes of different colors, usually from heaven or pink. The measures now proposed that for the bimboside are from 3-6kg and 4-9kg. The cakes are decorated with a surprise such as a pacifier at the top. We all know how many diapers a baby consumes in a day and then the thought of bimboside to propose a wide range of gift subscriptions. By the 5th of each month the subscriber will receive a home supply of Pampers diapers at a really competitive price. You will quietly at home without worrying about supplies. So the bimboside consult the website: www.bimboside.it to evaluate the many offers that are on the site. The bimboside continuously working to offer quality products in the short and competitive from an economic standpoint and provide one from Germany.

More about Diaper Cakes:

Q: What’s included in my Diaper Cake?

A: Pampers Swaddlers or Pampers brand diapers – 40-110 diapers depending on the size of the cake you want Size Small (up to 15 lbs)
Baby Supplies (actual items vary by cake)
– Baby Shampoo
– Baby Powder
– Diaper Cream
– Cotton Swabs
– Baby Wash Cloths
– Receiving Blankets
– Baby Bottles
– Baby Toys
– Teddy Bear

Q: Are the diapers useable?

Yes. The ribbon easily comes off and the diapers are ready to use. That’s the best part about Lil’ Baby Cakes, it’s adorable and practical at the same time!


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