Single parents: How to help your child set goals

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It is important to make and focus on goals no matter who you are.  Single parents can help their child set goals in order to help Foster a sense of self responsibility and get everything that needs to get done completed.  Putting more responsibility and power in the hands of your child not only gives the single parents a rest, but teaches the child important life lessons.

Help Your Child Set Goals – Demonstrate

As a single parent who must complete all household and life tasks on your own, it is important to set goals yourself.  Demonstrating how to set quality goals and how to work toward reaching them is an excellent way to help your child set goals for themselves.  If they can see you as setting and reaching your goals they may want to do the same thing.

Every week, month, and year, sit down with your child and come up with goals for that time period.  As researchers say, writing down your goals increases the chance that you will accomplish them.  Teacher child how to write down, track, and achieve goals.

Help Your Child Set Goals – Organize

Organizing your goal-setting, and tracking the progress, is an important part of the entire process.  Single parents can help their child set goals by creating a special notebook or calendar or goals all be written down and tracked.  There are even a printable worksheets with spaces to put check marks or stickers when each part of that overall goal is reached.  These are ideal for younger children.

Each goal sheet should have the goal written clearly at the top.  It is important to make a time limit for the goal.  When do you want to have the goal completed by?  Then, you can split the goal up into more manageable pieces each with their own done by date.

Help Your Child Set Goals – Discuss and Focus

Single parents can help their child set and achieve goals by keeping them in the forefront of their child’s mind.  Focus on the goal by discussing what you can do to reach it every day.  If the single parent and the child has organized the goal correctly, there should be easy tasks to complete each day.  As long as these things are done, the goal should be rage to within the allotted time period.

Instead of simply making a goal and working through it to completion, keeping a constant dialogue about why goals are important is vital to the success of this activity.  Single parents who help their child set goals will end up with a responsible child who can accomplish things on their own.


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