Single parents: How to choose a daycare center

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Most are single parents have to work outside of the home, and therefore must put their children in daycare centers.  There are many factors to take into account when choosing the correct child care for your children: price, level of care, professionalism, and times available.  This article will help any single parent figure out how to choose a day care center that they are happy with the other child will enjoy.

Choosing a Daycare Center – Affordability and Value

For a single parent with a limited budget, choosing a quality day care center can be a challenge.  One of the first considerations when researching the childcare facilities should be affordability and value.  Not only must you ask yourself if the cost of the day care center services is in your budget, but if it provides services of good value for your family.

Choosing a Daycare Center – Availability and Times

The next consideration in choosing the daycare center as a single parent involves availability and times of business operations.  Obviously, you need a day care center that can care for your child when you’re at work.  You might also like to find a daycare center that can care for your children after hours.

Many daycare centers charge of the parent is late picking up the child.  This only makes sense as they are working beyond the times you hire them for.  Before signing a contract with a particular childcare facility a single parent should be aware of time limits and extra charges.

Choosing a Daycare Center – What They Offer

Every parent, single or otherwise, wants to find a daycare center that will offer an educational and fun experience for their child.  Child care available through schools and professional daycare companies are apt to offer many educational opportunities for the children they take care of.  Privately operated daycare centers and private child babysitters may not have a such a regimen of educational activities.  That is not to say however, that they will not engage in these activities with your child.  It is best to ask whoever is in charge first what they offer.

Besides educational and fun activities, it is important to know if the daycare center offers snacks, lunches, or supplies for art and craft projects.  Some of these things cost extra or must be provided by the parent.

Choosing a Daycare Center – Records and Recommendations

One of the best ways for a single parent to choose a daycare center is to listen to the recommendations of their friends and family members.  Getting testimonials from respected people can help you make up your mind as to what day care center you should choose.  Researching the record of the particular childcare facility is an excellent idea.  You can do this through the better business bureau, township or municipal records, and through word of mouth.


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