How to keep your child from using profanity

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When little Johnny comes home from school or a friend’s house with a brand new word they learned, the last thing a parent wants to hear is a burst of profanity.  However, all children come in contact with these swear or curse words, and most end up using them as a part of their vocabulary.  Parents may find themselves in an all-out war against these bad-mannered words and phrases.  There are several things you can do to keep your child from using profanity.

Keep Your Child From Using Profanity – Never Use it Yourself

Children do what they see, and they say what they hear.  While  you cannot prevent your child’s friends from using profanity and curse words, you can help keep them from using them at home by never using profanity yourself.  While it may be hard not to curse when you stub your toe or get mad when a telemarketer calls twice during dinner, using other ways to express your feelings will help your child learn them as well. 

Keep Your Child From Using Profanity – Explain Why You Don’t Like It

Telling your child why you do not like the use of profanity is an important part of convincing them not to use it.  Children respond better to reasons rather than forbidding or threats.  Discuss respectful speech, proper use of words, and manners when explainiing why profantity doesn’t work for you.  You should also express your understanding of why children, teens, and adults use profanity as well.

Keep Your Child From Using Profanity –  Demystify the Words

A large part of keeping your child from using curse and swear words is demystifying them.  Children and teens often rebel against what their parents tell them to do.  By making profanity a non-issue – that is, not over-reacting to their use – you can diffuse the rebelious nature of using those types of words and phrases.  When discussing profanity’s use, explain what the words are and what they actually mean to your children. 

Keep Your Child From Using Profanity – Improve Their Vocabulary

An excellent way to prevent profane language is to improve your child’s vocabulary to a point where they will not have to pepper it with curse words in order to get their thoughts or emotions across.  Many uses of profanity include jeering at others and verbal attacks on bullies or friends who enjoy argumentative play.  Increase a child’s vocabulary can open up a whole new world of more imaginative insults and very thrusts and parries.  As they find things to say that are even more effective than curses, your child’s use of profanity will dwindle.


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