How to Choose the Right Aquarium Accessories

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How to Choose the Right Aquarium Accessories

Choosing the right aquarium accessories for your fish tank can be overwhelming.  Many pet and aquarium stores carry large selections of decor, accessories, and extras.  Since a fish tank can only hold so much, you must choose your aquarium accessories wisely.

Aquarium Accessories – Filters and Pumps

Filters and pumps are some of the most important aquarium accessories.  Without them, you fish tank will have unhealthy water and your fish may become ill or die.  There are several types of aquarium filters: canister, undergravel, biowheel, and waterfall types.  Whatever aquarium accessory filter you choose, it should be rated for the volume of your aquarium.

Pumps, or air pumps, are another important aquarium accessory.  These are often attached to long, flexible tubing that end in an ornament or air stone under the water.  This releases a stream of bubbles into the aquarium, increasing oxygen levels and mixing the water.

Aquarium Accessories – Lights and Heaters

Tropical fresh or salt water aquariums need heaters.  These keep the fish tank at a steady temperature that is warm enough for the fish’s needs.  Another important aquarium accessory is a light.  Pet stores sell many different types of fluorescent lights for fish tanks: some to bring out the colors in fish, others to grow plants.  These aquarium accessories increase the health and the appearance of your fish tank.

Aquarium Accessories – Backgrounds and Decorations

Many fish keepers purchase a background for their tank.  This aquarium accessory is a large piece of coated paper printed with an underwater scene on it.  You can get them with rocks and water plants on it, or with plain blue or black colors.

It is also popular to purchase decorative aquarium accessories.  These can be anything from neon-colored castle statues to real driftwood pieces.

Aquarium Accessories – Plants

While natural, living plants are more of a tank habitat item, plastic or silk plants are a great aquarium accessory.  You can purchase fake aquarium plants in many different styles and colors.  Even if you enjoy live plants, a few fake ones can help to fill in any holes you have in your aquarium decor.

Aquarium Accessories – Maintenance

The final aquarium accessories that everyone need are those for maintenance of the fish tank.  These include vacuum tubes and hoses, assorted sized fish nets, water test kits, and any medications for common fish diseases.  These aquarium accessories are important to keep on hand at all times.

Purchasing aquarium accessories can be enjoyable or overwhelming.  With all the choices available, it can be difficult to choose the right ones.  As long as you focus on the needs of your fish, and your taste in fish tank decor, you will be able to pick good aquarium accessories.


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