Empty nest: Tips for coping with the first fledgling child from the nest

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As a parent of growing children, reaching the time when your first child leaves home can be difficult.  When your first fledgling child gets ready to leave the nest how will you cope?  These tips to deal with the emotional aspects of your child leaving home can assist you in a smooth transition for both parties involved.

Coping With an Empty Nest – Focus on the Positive

When your first fledgling child leaves the nest, chances are they are going on to college their own place, getting married, or starting a new job.  Instead of focusing on how sad you will be that they are gone from your house, focus on the good things that are coming in their future.  Being happy that your child is growing up and taking on new responsibilities or challenges is an important part of dealing with the empty nest syndrome.

Coping With an Empty Nest – Find New Things to Focus On

After your first child leaves home to go on to a new home of their own, you need to find new things to focus your energies and attentions on.  Now is a great time to start a new job, get involved with volunteer work, find a new hobby, or connect with new friends.  Take the opportunity of increased a room and calm in your house to entertain more or get involved with a group that meets regularly.

Coping With an Empty Nest – Celebrate the Journey

Above all else, you must learn to celebrate the journey that your children take through life.  You also must celebrate your own journey at the same time, and realized that when your child leaves home, it is an opportunity for you to change your life for the better.  Many parents dedicate the bulk of their time to raising their children.  When the first fledgling child leaves the nest, you must learn new ways to spend your time.  Create celebrations for milestones in with your and your children’s lives.

Empty nest syndrome, or coping with emotions and thoughts when your first fledgling child leaves the nest, can be very difficult times for parents.  Remember that everything you did up to that point in raising your child was in order to develop an adult with good qualities, thoughts, and appreciation for life.  When your child realizes independence and goes out on his or her own into the world, your sadness and sense of loss must be coupled with joy.


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