A first look at Windows Vista SP2 beta

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Microsoft has made available the beta version of service pack 2 for windows vista and server 2008 via the download center. Unlike sp1 I haven’t heard anything about vista sp2 in the web may because the current hot topic is windows 7. I downloaded and installed the beta version this Sunday and here is my first impression about it.

The download file is 388mb and took over an hour for download. Then it was time for installation. It is very much similar to the sp1 installation. Installation took just over 40 minutes to complete. Here are my screenshots.










After two restarts sign EVALUATION COPY appeared on the screen. I couldn’t find any significant change in the overall performance of the system. Rather there is a slight increase in the boot time and shutdown time of my system. The RAM consumption when the system is idle has decreased. Also there is an increase in the responsiveness of my system.

A visible change I could find is the addition of a new option BLUETOOTH DEVICES in the Hardware and Sound section of the control panel. There you can view devices, add new devices and change settings


Other features are

1)The ability to record data on to Blu-Ray media natively in Windows Vista

2)Addition of Windows Connect Now

3)Event logging support in SPC

4)Fixes for DRM issues from WMP upgrades

5)Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless Functionality to reduce resources required for sidebar gadgets

6)Improved power settings for Windows Server 2008

Here are the links for downloading vista sp2




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